The Nemesis To The Maddens Mobile App Game

Under the umbrella of Madden NFL 15, two types of gameplay are in offering for team building and feature collecting. Madden ultimate team or MUT is a complete fantasy football game, including playbook, coaches, and stadiums. The game uses like console like controllers for the ultimate feel of the game. On the other hand, the Madden mobile games can be played anywhere anytime. The mobile version has a live event section that you can play at any time of the day. Even during at halftime of the live matches.

Similarities between both the game versions

The two games might be in competition to one another. Despite the completion, they both have a few similar qualities to look back on.

  • Both the games have a similar setup. The process of collecting cards and coins and upgrading the team are similar but using madden mobile hack makes it easier.
  • In both the games, they provide you with a free starter team to begin the game. You can manually choose the lineup for both versions.
  • Both the game versions let you buy and sell at the auction house. Various items and legends are available for both game platforms.

Point of Differences

madden mobile 17 gameplay

Though both are favorite soccer games, they come with different set of attributes. These particular qualities only make them more entertaining.

  • Both of them are played on different hardware platforms. While MUT is of console format, the other one is a mobile gaming app.
  • MUT offers traditional control based play, while you can use the touchscreen version on the mobile. MUT players get to select different playbooks while the app users collect new playbooks leveling up.
  • You can change the team ID, uniforms or coaches in the preference option of the app. MUT version lets you make these changes by adding new items to the lineup.

Mobile app has an edge

Since the mobile is a portable device, the app version shares fairly more popularity than the console version. The reason is, of course, the opportunity to stay connected to the game always.

  • The mobile app increases the feel of gaming together. The app offers leagues where users can join up to thirty-two people to play and chat together
  • In the app, the level of the game increases when the players fan for the team. There is also a defensive strategy feature in the app that allows countering of specific moves.
  • There are no contracts in the app. The user has the stamina that is required to play the game and challenges, Challenges in turn also boost the stamina.

Madden Mobile in demand

The app keeps you connected to your friends via social network sites. That way, even if you lose your phone and are crazy about football, you will not lose the progress that you have made so far. The current generation quite literally wants everything at its fingertips, so to have a game like football, at their fingertips is always a big advantage to them.  It is a multiplayer game. This attribute of the game makes the players have quite an adrenaline rush trying to overpower the other player’s score.  Overall, EA has come with a huge benefit, making the game an app based option for the youth. It has found a huge fan base through this step.

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